What to Expect: Mainstream Italian Dining

Greetings Readers! Enjoy the second installment of “What to Expect.” Today I will be discussing different aspects of classic mainstream Italian dining.


  • Menu: Mainstream Italian restaurants are a mix of some authentic dishes and specialty dishes. Common appetizers are fritto misto, a variety of shrimp dishes, salads, carpaccio or a tartare. Pasta is a bit more selective. There are typically 4-6 different options. Some classics such as pomodoro and Bolognese, as well as specialty dishes. Specialty dishes vary, that is what is so great. Restaurants use a variety of seafood and red meat and other ingredients to compose specialty pastas. Pasta can easily be a main course, or you can indulge in a fish or a red meat option. Seafood, such as Branzino, Sea Bass and Dover Sole can be found on the menu. Classic steak cuts such as Filet Mignon and Rib-Eye are also common.


  • Ambiance/Design: These restaurants are going to be more upscale. A lot of them have small tables, with small chairs. The art and décor is more high end. The music is more classic, older Italian. It is more relaxing, and less upbeat. It makes for a combination of a classic/authentic, and an upscale setting simultaneously.


  • Dress Code: The dress code for these restaurants can go either way. Some people choose to dress more formally, while others dress casually, but their outfit is comprised of special or unique pieces. Since these restaurants are more upscale, it attracts casual, but a high fashion clientele, and a professional clientele as well.


  • Price: Since the overall atmosphere of these restaurants are higher end, their prices are higher. The dishes are made with more expensive ingredients, because they offer specialty dishes, rather than traditional dishes. Pastas are around $30, fish dishes start in the $40s, red meat can be as much as $75, and appetizers are high teens low twenties. Depending on the season, a special truffle menu may also be available.


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