What to Expect: Fine Dining

Hello fellow foodies, today will be the final installment in the “What to Expect” series. I will be running through the aspects of fine dining Italian establishments in NYC.


  • Menu: Fine dining restaurants take specialty dishes to a new height. Using only the most rare and exquisite ingredients in their dishes. Truffle, Foie Gras, fine imported cheeses and exotic meats make up these menus. The menus are so unique that there are not specific dishes that are universally on menus, only ingredients. Since the ingredients are very unique, make sure that there are dishes on the menu that you are familiar with. Another thing to see, is if the menu is a la carte or a tasting menu.


  • Ambiance/Design: These restaurants are the pillar of luxury dining. They spare no expense when it comes to décor. Del Posto has spent over a $1 million dollars on décor upgrades in 2016. Tables are large and are typically more spread out. Every aspect of the design is top of the line. The restaurant wants to provide the diner with upscale cuisine and an upscale fell/atmosphere. This provides the diner with a special, luxury experience that not many can replicate.


  • Dress Code: Fine dining establishments do require formal attire. Many of them have guidelines on their website. It is not uncommon for an individual to be denied entrance due to improper dress. These restaurants are big on formality, they provide you with a formal, upscale experience. It is customary that you would dress accordingly.


  • Price: These restaurants offer some of the finest cuisine money can buy, therefore one can infer the nature of the price is high. If the menu is a la carte, you are looking at appetizers that can reach $30 a dish, pastas can be $40 to $50, and entrees can get close to triple digits. If there is truffle involved, the dish will most likely be over $100. If the menu is a tasting menu, the price per person can reach well over $300 (without drinking). Typical Italian tasting menus range from $170 to $250. This is just the base price of the menu. Under each course, many dishes will have supplement charges that can range from $20 to $125 per dish. This is because these dishes have additional ingredients that have especially high prices.


If you have the opportunity to dine at this type of restaurant, and have an appreciation for the fine ingredients, you will have an extraordinary experience. The dishes you will have, will be one of a kind.

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